From Here to La Bamba by Steve Saldivar

Music knows no boundaries. 

From Mexico to Austrialia and, yes, East L.A. musicians collaborated on an international rendition of La Bamba. 

Among the many artists, viewers will find Eastsider favorites Los Lobos and La Marisoul from La Santa Cecilia on the track. 

There is perhaps no more fitting a song than La Bamba. Originating in Veracruz, the Mexican folksong would find new listeners when Los Angeles rockstar Ritchie Valens covered it in 1958 (and rediscovered to younger audiences in 1987 when Lou Diamond Phillips played the role of Valens.) 

The video was produced by Playing for Change, a non-profit organization focusing on building music and art schools. 

Before You Jump on the Next Social Media Platform by Steve Saldivar

We're not asking enough questions. 

Social media should play an important role in any news organization's web strategy. (Hell! I've built a news organization on the Facebook platform itself!) But that doesn't mean we should jump on these websites. Ian Hill and Kate Myers have 10 questions to ask before you create yet another account. 

  1. Is your audience there? 
  2. Does the network solve a unique problem for your audience?
  3. Will it make it easier for your audience to share your cool content? 
  4. How much effort is required to be successful? 
  5. Will it help you reach new audiences? 
  6. Is it the best tools for reaching your goals? 
  7. How do you measure success? 
  8. Do you have buy-in from management? 
  9. Can you describe your success to your colleagues? 
  10. Will you know when and how to cut and run? 

Read Hill and Myer's blog post for a full explanation. 

Listen to Hill, Myers and Libby Peterek discuss these questions at Integrated Media Association (iMA) back in 2012.